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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 14-04-2015, 12:05

Last week Captain Rogelio Figueroa conducted a course of lectures at the Pelican Flight Training and had a discussion both with the students and instructors about the latest trends in Flight Training and Regulations.
Captain Rogelio Figueroa graduated from the US Air Force Air War College and then got a degree in Transportation Management from Florida International University. He currently works as an Adjunct Professor in Broward College, Florida, and is a 757/767 Captain with UPS Airlines based in Miami.

The seminars consisted of a number of different topics over two days such as:

•Recent FAA revisions regarding Instrument time credit, using flight simulators;
•Commercial aviation training concepts, relating both to initial and re-current flight training;
•Emphasized flight skills during simulator evaluation for pilot candidates from UPS.

Pelican Flight Training  would like to thank Captain Rogelio Figueroa and would happily welcome Captain Figueroa back in the future!

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