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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 8-10-2019, 12:46

From 23.09.19 to 25.09.19 in the frame of ERASMUS + program the employees of Riga Aeronautical Institute had an opportunity to conduct a familiriazation visit and read a course of lectures at one of the Lithuanian partner universities, Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University. The group consisted of Mg. Oec. Konstantin Savenkov (Director of the program "Transport Services"), Irina Sokolova (Head of the Study Department) and Vjacheslav Orekhov (Head of the laboratory). Our employees got acquainted with study process and facilities of the Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University. К. Savenkov conducted a two-hour lecture in the English language in the sphere of economics. The title of lecture was "National Innovation System in Latvia". There were also scheduled meetings with management and specialists of the Aviation Institute, including meeting with Justas Naguras, Director, and Darius Rudinskas, Deputy Director. The participants analyzed cooperation and interaction opportunities and discussed the possibility to implement jointly the study programs.

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