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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 5-10-2021, 17:15
On the eve of the International Teacher's Day, we talked with our alumni - teachers of RAI.

Mg.oec. Ludmila Jefremova

A RAI graduate, has been working as a RAI teacher since 2019, teaches such subjects as Transport Business, Civil Protection, Organization of Customs Work, Protection of Nature and Man

When did you decide to become a teacher? How many years have you worked at the university?

I never dreamed of being a teacher. During school time, on Teacher's Day, I was honored to teach lessons in various disciplines, which I took with pride. After graduating from the magistracy at RAI, she received an offer from the university to give lectures in her main specialty. And now I have been working at RAI for 3 years. I work not for money, but for self-improvement.

What dreams of your student life have you implemented?

The dream of any student is to successfully defend a diploma. I did it!

What should be a good teacher?

Everybody has his own idea of a good teacher. I know for sure that my work gives me pleasure. First of all, the teacher must know the subject, constantly monitor new trends, supplement the lecture material with relevant information.

What is the most significant success in your life?

The main success is my family, and I am also proud that, in spite of the initial uncertainty, I accepted the offer of RAI to become a teacher. I consider this my achievement.

What qualities do you value in students, in future teachers?

The use of modern and non-standard approaches to solving problems, the desire to learn new things.

What is the best advice the teachers have given you?

Work hard and never stop learning.

Are you tracking your graduates' professional careers?

If possible, yes.

What advice would you give to those who want to become a teacher?

Look for a creative approach in presenting the material, do not complicate the simple!

What are the advantages of being a teacher?

First of all, respect in society. The teacher is always surrounded by joyful, cheerful, carefree students, which gives a charge of emotions, charges positive and gives energy. There is no place for routine and monotony.

Please, give an advice to a young teacher who is just beginning to explore the world of the teaching profession.

Since I myself am a young teacher, I can say the following: try to maintain a good mood, because experience comes with time, be prepared for hard, laborious work on preparing lectures, which greatly contributes to your professional growth.




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