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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 5-10-2021, 17:28
On the eve of the International Teacher's Day, we talked with our alumni - teachers of RAI.
Mg. oec. Irina Davidovica
RAI graduate, has been working as a teacher at RAI since 2019. Teaches subjects such as Transport Systems, Transport Business, Transport Forwarding, Transport Organization of Production, Philosophy and Sociology.

When did you decide to become a teacher? How many years have you worked at RAI?

I started working at the Riga Aeronautical Institute relatively recently, from September 2019. I confess, I honestly never thought that someday in my life I would work as a teacher at an institute, and even more so I never dreamed about it. Only once, when I was still a first-year student at one of the lectures on physics, the thought flashed in my head: "What is it like to be there in the teacher's place? In the place of Dmitry Stepanovich Ulanov.". And now, many years later, I felt it fully (in the good sense of the word). The most interesting thing is that it was he who invited me to join the RAI team! Based on this, we can safely conclude that our thoughts are very weighty. I know for sure that my work gives me lasting pleasure.

What dreams of your student years have you implemented?

I have one dream that was born before I entered the RAI and all these years did not leave me. I dream of becoming a commercial civil aviation pilot and truly believe in bringing it to life.

What should be a good teacher?

He must be a real professional in his field and have a high degree of responsibility.

What is the most significant success in your life?

My main achievement in life is two higher educations and I think I will not stop there. As the Russian commander A. V. Suvorov said: "Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness!" This is my life motto.

What qualities do you value in students, in future teachers?

In students I value honesty, punctuality, responsibility, kindness, dedication, curiosity, a desire to do a lot and a sense of humor.

What is the best advice the teachers have given you?

Of course, they gave advice by their example. RAI has the most high-class teachers, whom you want to follow and absorb knowledge with pleasure. And taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate all colleagues on our professional holiday - Teacher's Day! I wish you joy from fruitful work, grateful students, interesting projects and inspiration from every day.

Do you track the professional careers of your graduates?

Of course. And with some of them I continue to maintain friendly and warm relations.

What advice would you give to those who want to become a teacher?

The profession implies a lot of communication, a taciturn and closed teacher is unlikely to be able to find a common language and the right approach to students. It is also important to show respect for each person, loyalty to opinions and actions, with an understanding of the fact that all people are different.

What are the advantages of being a teacher?

The positive moment in the work of a teacher that comes to mind first of all is the nobility and significance of the work, because the future of modern civilization largely depends on the work of teachers.

Please, give parting words to a young teacher who is just beginning to learn the world of the teaching profession.

Always improve your professional level, have a desire for continuous development, improve. Smile more often, because students love teachers who are bright at heart. Be honest and be yourself.

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