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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 12-10-2009, 10:25
Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) is an accredited institute of higher education, implementing training of high-class specialists in all areas of aviation industry. Alongside with other aviation specialties our Institute is licensed for pilot training on programmes approved in conformity to the European JAA, Part 141 Regulations, FTO. At the Institute a full range of programmes is available starting with Private Pilots to Airline Transport Pilots.
The Institute performing professional training since 1942, has prepared during the years of its existence over 40 thousand aviation specialists.
In recent years RAI expands and consolidates cooperation with the centres of countries of European and USA, leading in the field of flight training, having long-term experience and world recognition in terms of training of highly qualified private and professional pilots from over 48 countries from all continents. Today RAI is proud to offer the pilot training options on joint programmes according to both JAA and FAA standards.
Availability of partner training centres in Florida, USA, enables to make use of the advantages of not only their experience and professionalism, but also unique climate of Southern Florida, which allows having up to 365 flight days a year. Long-term cooperation and partnership relations of RAI with the leading airlines of the countries – members of the ex-USSR, allow us to guarantee employment of graduates of our Institute. Application of western equipment by the leading airlines of Russia and of the ex-Soviet countries confirms demand for our graduates.

The next information meeting for those interested in the study on programmes:
- Aircraft technical maintenance;
- Pilot professional training;
will be held at 9 Mezkalna Street, Riga, after preliminary anouncement on the web site.

How old should I be to begin learning to fly?

There is no any definite age when you can begin to take flight lessons. But we should note that you should be at least 16 in order to fly a plane in the presence of an instructor alone, and 17 to receive a PPL Certificate. In order to get a commercial pilot’s certificate you should be 18. Accordingly it can be not efficiently in terms of costs and time efficiency to begin taking the lessons too early.

At what age it is too late to begin learning to fly?

By saying “a student pilot” the majority of people presume a young man dreaming of the sky. But in reality today “a student pilot” is rather a middle-aged adult, capable not only to dream to become a pilot, but also to implement the dreams and ambitions of life. An average age of students is 18 - 45 y/o.

How much does it cost to learn to flight and to get a flight certificate?

In order to obtain the Bachelor’s degree (an engineer’s diploma) you should study during 4 years. But you may begin working as a pilot at an airline starting from the 3rd year, combining work with distance learning at the Institute. In this case the cost of a flight certificate is included into the general tuition fee. If you are interested only in a flight certificate there are a lot of conditions that affect the tuition fee, including the frequency of flight lessons, weather conditions, a type of a training plane and its availability in a schedule, as well as your individual peculiarities. An approximate estimation of budget anticipates up to 15% of various deviations from the base cost of a particular training course.

How long it will take to learn to flight and to get a flight certificate?

The same reasons as described above effect the duration of study. FAA and JAA determine a minimum number of flight hours required to get a flight certificate. But not all students can meet the prescribed minimum number of hours. At the average the majority of students obtain the PPL license in 45-70 flight hours, but this is very individual and not guaranteed. In order to get Frozen ATPL you need at least 220 flight hours.

What documents should I present at enrolment?

Initially you are to present below documents:
- passport
- education certificate
- health certificate
- two photos

How and where can I get a health certificate for JAA student?

Students entering for study on JAA programmes should get a JAA health certificate prior to flight practice. You can learn where to get such certificate at our Institute. If you do practical training at the Institute on the base of our American partners you will need also FAA student flight health certificate necessary for flights in the USA territory.

How and where can I get a health certificate for FAA student?

At our Institute you can correctly arrange receipt of the Student Flight Certificate as a part of FAA medical examination prior to arrival to the centres of our American partners. Such student flight health certificate is valid during 24 months, but a 3rd –level certificate can remain valid during g up to 36 months. You can pass this medical examination when you enter our Institute fro the first time.

What aircrafts will I fly during training?

At our Institute you will be able to fly Cessna 172SP, Brand New Cessna 172 G1000, Piper Cadet, Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow, Piper Seminole (Multi), Beechcraft Duchess (Multi). Also you can fly helicopters R-22 and Schweitzer 300CB.

When can I begin to study?

Study on Bachelor’s programmes begins on the base of our Institute on the 1st of September of every school year. Usually during the first term you will get a basic theoretical training and directly flight training are planned from the second term. Upon completion of the flight programme and receipt of a certificate you can begin practice, and then permanent employment at an airline. In this case we afford you an opportunity to complete education remotely and to obtain an engineer’s diploma.

How is the flight practice arranged at the Institute?

During a flight practice for you there will be planned five flight days a week, at least one flight a day. All flights are combined in two-hour blocks. This enables to pass pre-flight and postflight briefs and spend time in air. You can expect at the average one – two flight hours a day. Ground instruction takes two hours in a classroom every day on Monday – Friday. You will have two days off a week (as well as our instructors) for recreation and self-study.

What conditions for accommodation and living do you offer?

On the base of our Institute in Riga we offer accommodation in a student hostel located directly at the Institute in modern equipped for comfortable living rooms for two people, with individual shower and free Internet access. In the hotel you can use Sauna and a fitness centre.
At the stage of practice at our foreign partners you will be offered accommodation at student hostels for shorter stay or accommodation at student apartments for longer terms.
A hotel usually is located within walking from the training centre. If you wish you can share living with other student. A hotel offers free wireless Internet access and free continental breakfast every morning.
Our Student apartments are three – and four-room furnished condo, which you will share with other students. Usually such condos have access to an individual swimming pool and domestic block.

Should I pay the entire amount of the tuition fee prior to arrival at the Institute?

The schemes of payment of tuition fee are developed individually for every education course and can be received at your request.

If I am sent by the Institute for the flight practice to the USA shall I have to obtain an USA entrance student visa?

All USA non-citizens must have an M-1 student visa to enter USA and for flights. Our Institute will help you to do preliminary work and provide you with documents required to obtain visa at the USA consulate. A full visa processing time can take up to 30 and more days depending upon the workload of the consulate as well.

I heard that there are TSA (Transportation Security Administration) requirements to be fulfilled prior to the beginning of flight practice. How these requirements can affect me?

If you do practice in the USA you will subject to the TSA regulations as regards the training flight of foreign students. To this effect we will help you to register with TYSA prior to arrival to the school, www.flightschoolcanidates.gov/

Are your aircrafts insured?

Yes, all our aircrafts are insured for authorized flights. We also offer an option of voluntary insurance (CDW), which covers you if your aircraft is damaged while you were acting as a pilot in a team. Such CDW insurance costs USD 200 and valid during a year. You will be offered to obtain it prior to the flight practice. We also highly recommend you to obtain insurance for a period of the courses that cover you personally in a case of flights.

If I don’t have a vehicle, should I rent a car?

This is your personal choice and this can be easily arranged at any time. If you decide to rent a car we will be happy to recommedn you companies where our students usually have discounts.

Is there any dress code at the Institute?

All students of flight specialities and attending the courses of commercial and professional pilots must wear a flight uniform every day. A flight uniform includes a white shirt and a tie, black trousers and black shoes. You can buy the flight shirts, ties and epaulets in our shop.
If you enter the PPL courses we will not require you to wear a uniform. But we ask you to be always during training dressed neatly and not wear open shoes.

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