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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 18-09-2015, 13:46
 On the 11th of September RAI administrative and methodological meeting took place, which was attended by RAI management, academic staff and students' self-government representatives. At the meeting, the RAI Convent Chairman M. Karol gave an analytical assessment of the results achieved and noted in particular both the achievements and shortcomings.
The new RAI rector,, A. Melnis provided his vision of RAI future development, focusing on the necessary activities for attracting new students and updating the content of the studies.
Both I. Blumbergs, and Dean of the Engineering and Technical Faculty, and D. Ulanov, Professor and the first Vice-rector, also spoke about the upgrade of the teaching methodology and training content. They underlined the importance of the in the study modernization process and invited their colleagues to participate more actively in the Moodle system implementation.





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