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AuthorAuthor: reader en | DateDate: 7-01-2021, 11:01

 Professional Bachelor study program "Electronic equipment maintenance"
Obtained qualification: Electronics engineer (with 2 specializations)
The 1st specialization - Electronic equipment maintenance;
The 2nd specialization -
Airport electronic equipment maintenance;
Duration of studies: 4 years (full time, intramural), 4,5 years (part-time, extramural)

Accreditation term: 28th of October, 2027. Accreditation confirmation Nr. 2021/67 
Payment for studies

Accreditation term:
28th of October 2027. Accreditation confirmation Nr.2021/67


Professional Bachelor's degree program
"Servicing of electronic equipment”
content and structure

Study coursesSpecializationsType of final test
Electronic equipment maintenance
Operation of airport electronic equipment
General education study courses
1Safety and the human factors22T
2Philosophy and social psychology22T
3Introduction to the speciality22T
4Basics of economics and business22T
5Environmental and human protection22E
6English and Technical English66T/E
7Fundamentals of law22T
8Metrology, standardization and certification22T
Theoretical basic courses of the branch
9Higher mathematics88T/E
11Engineering graphics22T
12Electrical engineering44E
14Electronic measuring devices22T
15Digital equipment and microprocessors33E
16Radio signal generation and emission, antennas44E
17Electronic radio materials22T
19Transmission, reception and processing of radio signals44E
Professional specialization courses of the branch
20Architecture of calculation complexes33E
21Power supply equipment22T
22Car electrical and electronic equipment, their maintenance and repair60T/E
23Maintenance and repair of security alarms and local fire alarms22E
24Household appliances, their maintenance and repair30E
25Conditioning and refrigeration equipment, its maintenance and repair22T
26Telecommunications and telecommunication equipment, its maintenance67T/E
27Principles of design of radar systems03E
28Surveillance systems and their maintenance07T/E
29Navigation and radio navigation systems, their maintenance07T/E
30Aeronautical centre radio electronic equipment, its maintenance05E
31Remote monitoring and control equipment, its maintenance and repair22T
32Audio equipment, its maintenance and repair60T/E
33TV and video equipment, its maintenance and repair77T/E
34Safety system management22T
35Study project "Electronic devices"22W/T
36Study project "Maintenance and operation of electrical equipment"22W/T
37Study project "Transmitters, receivers"22W/T
38Construction and maintenance of computer networks33E
39Basics of robotics22T
40Medical electronic equipment20T
41Peripherals, their maintenance and repair40T/E
42Non - traditional energy transmitters and accumulators20T
43Maintenance rules and fault-finding methodology22T
Elective courses
44Foreign language22T
45Record keeping22T
46Organization of scientific work22T
47Information technology22T
48Basics of aviation equipment22T
49Basics of air traffic service22T
50Latvian for foreigners22T
51Electrical installation practical training33T
52Repair, adjustment and tuning of radio equipment55T
53Enterprise-based practical training1212T
 Bachelor thesis1212
Symbols used in the table: E – examination; T – test; W – work. 
The result of the studies: the specialist receives knowledge in the basics of electronics, digital technology, information transmission, processing and reproduction, computer technologies; parameters of radio-electronic equipment of airports, constructions and the technique of their circuits. Acquire skills in the operation of equipment, its technical service; skills in understanding elements of schemes, reading functional, principle and assembly schemes; skills in diagnosis, testing, repair and regulation of equipment; receive skills in carrying out preventive and regulated works.
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