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  Amid scientific and technical progress a specialist of any field and of any rank is at risk that knowledge obtained before would not conform to the spirit and demands of the time. Training courses will help you to keep up with changes, to learn and master new. RAI offers a wide range of licensed courses.

Program has an economical, technical and engeneering oreintation and general educational progress opportunity. 
Course Fee - 50 LS
For the information call: 29678227
 Professional Aviation English courses
Technical training courceas:
 Professional training courses:
Cargo and air-borne transportation arrangement and service 
Dangerous cargo transportation management.
Re-training of AT controllers in conformity to ICAO standards
Computer Skills
Accounting under European Standards
Aeronavigation Information Systems (AIS)/ Aeronavigation Iformation Management (AIM)
Radio-navigation GNSS Technology
CNS/ATM Technologies
Radar installations. ADS Technologies
Electronic equipment maintenance 
Aircraft maintenance (B1 and B2)
PPL, ATPL Pilots
Automated Flight Design
Aeronautical Information Service
General English
Business English
Technical English
Aviation English in accordance with the ICAO scale, Level 4.

For information call: 67 62 92 07

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Riga Aeronautical Institute is one of the oldest aviation institutes of the former Union. Our graduates successfully work at all ATC stations of the post-Soviet space and in many countries of the world, conducting communication by radio in English.

Many of them passed re-training or completed career development courses at RAI.

Flight crews and maintenance personnel of airlines improve knowledge in conformity to regulatory documents at English language courses at our Institute.

A special English language course, developed together with Lufthansa, for foreign equipment maintenance personnel, has been completed by over 10000 people only in Sheremetyevo - 2.

English has become today a necessary condition of the career success, specifically in aviation.

The main distinguishing characteristics of our activity are the quality control system, application of the latest teaching methods and a possibility to learn English at a reasonable price. The main task of our students’ training is the ability to communicate free in English in any situations. The classes in small groups provide intensive language practice.

All teachers of our Institute are qualified accordingly for teaching of spoken, business and aviation English, including a special certificate of SAS and Lufthansa airlines.

The flight navigation employees must have a good base of spoken English (General English) and excellent knowledge of aviation terms in conformity to the world standards, JAR and ICAO standards. Thereby the course, at the discretion of a customer, can be comprised of two parts - General English and Aviation English.

 At our Institute you can take below courses in professional English:

English for Transportation
Communication English for ATC and pilots
Technical English
Business English for Administration
English for Aerodrome and   Airport Services

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Dear students!

Riga Aeronautical Institute welcomes you to the new school year!

The beginning of 2014/2015 academic year:

 - Full-time department:
* 3rd of September at 10.00

 - Correspondence department (Riga):
* 13th of September at 16.10

 - Correspondence department (Rezekne, Daugavpils):
* 20th of September at 17.00

 We wish you every success in studies!

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Timetable. Full-time
IO11R  IO31R  IO32R  IO33R  IO34R  IO51R  IO52R  IO53R  IO54R
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Timetable. Part-time

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1 course

ZD24 ZD54 DD53 RD53

2 course

ZD23 ZD53 DD52 RD52

3 course

ZD22 ZD52 DD51 RD51

4 course

ZD31 ZD32 ZD51 DD50 RD50

5 course

ZD50 DD59 RD59

Master's degree


Master's degree



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