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RAI administration would like to inform that from the 17th till the 24th of February our graduates will defend their Bachelor theses in the auditorium 100B. The graduates who will present their theses belong to the following study directions: «Management of international transportation enterprise», «Air transport system management» and «Aircraft technical maintenance».
We invite the students to listen to the presentations and wish succusseful defense to our future bachelors!

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Amber Sky 2015


On the 17th of February the employees and students of Riga Aeronautical Institute attended a conference conducted in the frame of the project Amber Sky 2015. The conference was dedicated to the sales and services on the board of aircraft. It was discussed how to deliver those services while minimizing the expenses, increasing the profit and securing long-term development. Another issue discussed was the change of consumption behaviour and adjustement to the new market conditions.
For RAI students and employees Amber Sky 2015 is a new experience shared with them by the managers of the biggest supplier companies, operators and airlines.

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Meeting with the representatives of the Lebanese University

On the 11th and 12th of February 2015 the representatives of Riga Aeronautical Institute met with the representatives of the Engineering faculty of the Lebanese University: Ph.D. Bassam Riachi, Ph.D. Jean Chamoun and Ph.D. Salim Nassreddine. This is not the first time our guests visited Riga. Ph.D. Bassam Riachi did his studies in here.
During the meeting the participants discussed the issues regarding the exchange of the teachers and students (ERASMUS+) in the sphere of mechanics, electronics, telecommunication, transport and logistics. The parties also discussed the possibilities of cooperation regarding the scientif ...

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Flight training for ATC controllers
  On the 20th of January 2015 a group of RAI students in the frame of Basic ATC Training Course started a specialized flight training.
The training participants are future ATC controllers which need to get knowledge about the basic skills necessary for flight crew in the everyday flight operations environment.
The flights will be conducted at RAI flight training base Pelican Flight Training, located at North Perry aerodrome in Miami, Florida, USA. Trainees ...
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Riga Aeronautical Institute invites aircraft maintenance specialists, RAI and other education establishment graduates to attend Type Training Boeing 737 Classic Category B1.

Date: from 23rd of March to 24th of April 2015
Time: Monday-Friday , 9:00-16:00
Total Training Hours: 180

Additional information: +371 29571158, manager@rai.lv

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Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan has reviewed the documents submitted by Riga Aeronautical Institute concerning the flight school „Pelican Flight Training LLC” and acknowledged them as valid. Thus, RAI has received the approval regarding the certificate BY8S051Q on the territory of Kazakhstan. This will provide the possibility to arrange the training for aircraft and helicopter pilots and conduct flight training for ATC controllers.

  Pilot training and flight training for ATC controllers in USA   Pilot training and flight training for ATC controllers in USA  
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Meeting with SAKAERONAVIGATSIA representatives  

On the 22nd of January 2015 Riga Aeronautical Institute convened a meeting with SAKAERONAVIGATSIA represented by its Director General, Mr.Gocha Mezvrishvili, and Deputy Director, Mr.Giorgi Edisherashvili. The meeting was convened in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. The parties discussed the issues of cooperation in the sphere of aviation specialists training, particular attention was paid to training of ATC controllers.
RAI is the only EASA certified training center for ATC controllers, which has an extensive experience in preparing aviation specialists for different countries, including Georgia.

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Scientific and action oriented conference for students
  On the 28th of January 2015 Riga Aeronautical Institute convened a scientific and action oriented conference for students "International transport services: organization, management and technologies".
The speakers at the plenary meeting were RAI Chairman of the Convent Michail Karol, Rector Olaf Brinkmanis and Director of the study direction "Transport Services" Sandija Zeverte-Rivzha.
Conference agenda was divided into five sections where the reports of the students were listened to and discussed. The reports were dedicated to current problems and trends in the sphere of international transportation, organization and service. The materials from the conference will be published in the collected volume of articles.
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In 2014 Riga Aeronautical Institute implemented the mobility aspect in the frame of the ERASMUS programme.
Last year two professors and one student of RAI visited the partner universities in Poland. Five RAI representatives visited the Lithuanian universities with the purpose of experience exchange.
Also, two professors and two representatives of managing personnel from Poland visited Riga Aeronautical Institute. In connection with that the general mobility plan is fulfilled and the appropriate ...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  

Riga Aeronautical Institute congratulates all lecturers, students, applicants and partners with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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