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Riga Aeronautical Institute is enrolling the applicants for the year 2020/2021 for all accredited programs and study directions.

1. Transport
· International carrier business management
· International transport logistics
· Air Traffic management
· International carrier business management (Master’s degree)

2. Mechanics
· Air transport systems management
· Aircraft maintanence
· Transport systems management (Master’s degree)

3. Electronics
· Electronic equipment maintenance

Documents for admission to RAI full-time studies (deadline till 15th of August), for part-time and full-time with cycles (deadline till 30th of August):
- copy of the secondary/higher education certificate(s) and its supplement;
- copy of a passport;
- one photo 3x4 cm (can be also electronical);
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On July 10th, 2020, at the Riga Aeronautical Institute, students of the study programme "Aircraft Technical Maintenance" completed practical training on metal working. It was supervised by the Director of Engineering programmes, Vladimirs Reiskarts and the responsible lector of RAI, Vyacheslav Orekhov.
Trainees had the opportunity to gain basic metalworking skills. Students learned how to prepare technical drawings, use measuring instruments and tools for making samples. Students also practiced in threading, riveting, soldering and metal welding.

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One of the important parts of the study programme "Aircraft Technical Maintenance" is "Helicopter practical training". From 29.06. till 03.07. it was organized at the training centre of the RAI and was led by Juha Ollila, a certified specialist from Finland, and Vladimir Reiskarts, the Director of Engineering study programmes. The aim of the internship was to provide students with an understanding of the general aircraft maintenance processes, to learn how to set up practically helicopter parts. Students had a chance to work independently with assemblies, to remove and install parts of it, and to get new knowledge in aircraft documentation.

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On the 19th of June in the conference hall of RAI the graduation ceremony was held for graduates. It was a big and emotional event to get a diploma after facing all the challenges on the road. Now it is high time to move on and double the received knowledge.

Good luck!

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Riga Aeronautical Institute announces an open competition for the position of rector.

Until 16.07.2020 the candidates are requested to submit the following documents to the RAI secretariat:
- application;
- copies of education, scientific and academic documents (by presenting the original documents of doctoral degree);
- CV with a detailed description of the scientific, pedagogical, administrative, organizational and professional activities of the applicant;
- proposal of RAI management program.

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Study year 2019/2020 is coming to its end. It is time to celebrate!

We are happy to announce that on the 19th of June at 14:00 the graduation ceremony will take place at the conference room of Riga Aeronavigation institute.

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Dear students and academic staff!

The spring session 2020 is planned online on a schedule (which is available on the website and in the Moodle environment). Upon completion of the course, the lecturer conducts an online examination at the institute with the presence of the commission.


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The 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference
2 nd - 3 d of July, 2021
Riga, Latvia

Due to the declared emergency situation and in order to restrict the spread of the Covid-19, we have taken a decision to postpone the conference planned for the 3d and 4th of July this year to a later date. Currently the conference “TRANSPORT. EDUCATION. LOGISTICS & ENGINEERING” is scheduled for the 3d and 4th of July of 2021

Dear Madam/Sir,
We invite you to take part in the international scientific and practical conference "TRANSPORT. EDUCATION. LOGISTICS AND ENGINEERING - 2021". The conference will be convened at Riga Aeronautical Institute during the 2nd and the 3d of July 2021.

 The aim of the conference is to discuss a wide range of questions and current problems in the field of transport systems, facilitate the exchange of information and experience regarding the best scientific and practical research practices as well as development processes in the priority industry areas. The range of discussion subjects also includes cooperation for the development of joint scientific research programs ...

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Dear students and teachers!

Follow the latest RIA events in Our Moodle:
1. News of Institute;
2. Schedule of events and lectures (online);
3. Other relevant information.

Information is available after login

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Dear students and academic staff!

The April cycle of distance learning will take place from April 24 to April 26 online in the Moodle environment!

Due to  the current situation in the country and in the World, in order to ensure compliance with the Cabinet of Ministers Decree N 103 "On declaring an emergency" and the order of the Vice-Rector of the RAI "On the organization of the educational process", the April cycle will take place from April 24 to April 26 online in the Moodle environment using the new BigBlueButton platform!


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