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Riga Aeronautical Institute is enrolling the applicants for the year 2022/2023 for all accredited programs and study directions.

1. Transport
· International Carrier Business Managementt
· International Transport Logistics
· Air Traffic management
· International Carrier Business Management (Master’s degree)

2. Mechanics
· Air Transport Systems Management and Operation
· Aircraft Technical Maintenance
· Transport Systems Management (Master’s degree)

3. Electronics
· Electronic Equipment Maintenance

Documents for admission to RAI full-time studies):
- copy of the secondary/higher education certificate(s) and its supplement;
- copy of certificate of English (B2 level);
- copy of a passport;
- one photo 3x4 cm (can be also electronical).
Admission fee 200 Eur (non-refundable)

Online registration
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Dear RAI Students!
We invite you to participate in the Student Self-Government meeting on 23rd of May.
The meeting will take place in Riga Aeronautical Institute auditorium 102B.
The event starts at 12:00 (PM)
Everyone RAI student is invited!
12.00 - Registration
12.05 - Opening of the meeting
12.10 - Summarizing the results of the events of 21/22 st.y.
12.25 - Approval of the 22/23 st.y. event plan
12.40 - Questions and discussions
More information: sp.rai@rai.lv
See you soon,
RAI Student Self –Government

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On the 10th and the 11th of May, Riga Aeronautical Institute conducted the 2nd stage of accreditation. It was the assessment of the Commission of Experts of the study field "Mechanics and Metal processing, Heat Power Engineering, Heat Technology, and mechanical Engineering".

Representatives from the following organizations participated in the expert commission:
· Riga Technical University - Head of Commission
· Tampere University
· Italian National Research Council, University of Campania
· SIA "Eco Airlines"
· University of Latvia, Student Council

The final decision of the Accreditation Commission will be announced later in the 3d stage.
RAI administration would like to express its gratitude to all RAI staff and students for their active participation and personal contribution to the accreditation process!

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Today, on the 6th of May, Riga Aeronautical Institute convened the 27th STUDENT SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "Aviation Engineering. Transport logistics and management".

RAI students acquainted the conference participants with the results of research in the sphere of international aviation transport and transportation services; with problems and trends in the management of international transport, its organization, logistics planning, actual problems of safety of various types of transportation technologies ...

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Happy Pilot Day for all RAI graduates, student pilots and everyone who loves aviation!

Blue skies and tailwinds to everybody!

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The representative of the Istanbul Topkapi University, lecturer Öğr. Gör. Elif Gökçiloğlu Çulcu, visited Riga Aeronautical Institute in the frame of "Erasmus+" program.
A guest from Turkey met with the RAI students and also shared her experience with RAI teachers and administrative personnel. During the meeting Öğr. Gör. Elif Gökçiloğlu Çulcu gave her comments regarding the material and technical basis of the Riga Aeronautical Institute. These contacts  are useful for the exchange of experience and expansion of international cooperation.

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Dear RAI Students and Lecturers!

Happy Easter 2022!

May this joyful season of Easter fill your heart with hope, love, and peace.


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Today, on the 14th of April, Riga Aeronautical Institute convenes  the graduation ceremony for our students which have successfully finalized their studies.
We congratulate our graduates with completion of their studies and wish successful future careers to all of them! May all acquired knowledge and skills help you to achieve the highest professional goals!
We are always happy to see our graduates in RAI!

View, download photo.
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On the 9th of April, 2022, Riga Aeronautical Institute convened The Open door day.
The participants got acquainted with RAI programmes and study opportunities, visited classrooms, laboratories and training facilities.

We invite you to participate in The Open door day in May, 2022.

Admission committee: +371 29 571 158 or manager@rai.lv.

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Today, on the 8th of April, Riga Aeronautical Institute convened an annual education and methodological meeting.
Vice-Rector of Studies, K. Savenkov, informed the audience about the implementation of the tasks formulated in September 2021. Director of Engineering Programs, V. Reiskart, introduced a presentation "The role of the lecturer in accreditation and self-assessment".
Each meeting participant had the opportunity to participate in the discussion with colleagues and share experience, give proposals and recommendations.
The education and methodological meeting is an important annual event which contributes to the development and successful work of RAI in the education and scientific spheres.

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