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RAI has introduced a new higher professional education program "Electronic equipment maintenance" in the frame of the study direction "Information technologies, computer systems, electronics, telecommunication, computer management and computer science". The graduates of this program will receive a professional bachelor degree with a professional qualification of electronic engineer. The duration of the program is four years (160 credit points). Both full-time attendance and extra mural tution are possible.
The following specialization profiles are available:
•Industrial and domestic electronic equipment maintenance (car electronics, office equipment, mobile and satellite communication systems, alarm systems, audio equipment, TV and video equipment);
•Airport ground electronic equipment maintenance ...

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On the 29th of July 2016 Riga Aeronautical Institute has successfully finalized the first part of the refreshment training courses scheduled for the spring and summer of this year. During this period we have provided refreshment training for different groups of trainees, like, for example, ATSEP specialists, ATCos, AIS specialists and quality management personnel. Our trainees came from different geographical areas, including one of our most important customers, Kazakhstan. The aim of these courses was to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge ...

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