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Dear Students!

This guide will be an assistant to you - the students, who live outside the European Union and plan to study in Latvia or have already arrived and need answers to the questions regarding studies and living in Latvia. Alongside the resources in English and Russian language, this guide includes also those in Latvian (for example, links to the news portals), because many foreign students whom we met here in Latvia expressed a wish to learn Latvian.
The current guide was prepared with assistance and support of foreign students who already study in Latvia, theuniversity staff, stateinstitutions and representatives ofnon-governmental institutions. The preparation of this guide was supported by the European Union and the Republic of Latvia within two projects “Compass for Living in Latvia for Students – Third-country Nationals” and “Compass for Living in Latvia for Students - Third-country Nationals: Education and Integration”, and it was implemented by ourselves - the Association Workshop of Solutions.

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