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On the 24th of July this year the Study Quality Commission has reviewed the RAI application regarding the right to conduct the study programs in the English language. Based on the evaluation of experts and in accordance with their recommendations the Commission took a unanimous decision to grant the right mentioned above.
Based on the Commission’s decision RAI was provided with the new accrediation certificates for the following directions of study:
- Mechanics and metal working, heat power industry, heat engineering and mechanical engineering
- Transport Services
- Information technology, computer engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer management and computer science

In accordance with these accreditation certificates starting with the 1st of Septemeber 2019 RAI has the right to conduct the study programs in the English language.

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RAI Librarian, Ilona Gezha, has attended an educational program at the Latvian National Library "Print and Digital Resources Management in the Library". The program was conducted in the frame of the European Social Fund project "Development of professional competence of employed persons". The participation in the program by our librarian will help us to improve and upgrade the management procedures in RAI library.

Category: News