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Advance facilities, modern design and equipment of classrooms, library, health-improvement and medical centres in conformity to the requirements of European standards create a new businesslike environment, the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort as was particularly marked by the Accreditation Board.

AT Controllers Training Simulators
Provides practical training of students and ATC and MSP specialists
Here you can get necessary literature, work on computer, send fax, e-mail, use the Internet, make a photocopy. Office hours: Business days 8:45-17:30.
For Extramural Department: Monday and Saturday - 8:45-19:30
Tuesday – Friday - 8:45 - 17:30
Sunday - 8:45 to 16:00
Computer Centre
 There are special Commputer Training Cources Working hours: Wednesday at 5 PM
English Study Room
We invite you to English language courses 2 times a week
Meeting Room
This is a place of conduction of meetings of Senate, students’ self-government, meetings with foreign guests
Conference Room
RAI history is reflected in the museum exposition.
Annual shareholders’ meetings, graduation ceremonies, solemn meetings are held in this room
Laboratory of Physics, Electronics
We invite you to courses in repair of modern TV sets and video tape recorders