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On October 21, an event for freshmen took place at the Riga Aeronautical Institute - Initiation into students. The initiation into students took the form of a quest, where the participants not only answered questions on the history and facts of the RAI, solved intellectual problems, but also demonstrated their creativity. The event was held in an atmosphere of light excitement and healthy competition. So, we congratulate our first-year students with the honorary title RAI STUDENT. We express our gratitude to the members of the student government for their active participation in the event ...

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Happy International ATCO (International Day of the Air Traffic Controller) Day!

Every day and every minute, thousands of Air Traffic Controllers around the world are working to make sure that all aircrafts have reached their destinations safely and efficiently. Safety in the sky is in the hands of these professionals on the ground.

We congratulate our graduates, students and Air Traffic Controllers worldwide!

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Today on the October 5th the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Anar Kuttybayeva visited Riga Aeronautical institute (RAI). On behalf of RAI, Vice President Marina Romele participated in the event.
The aim of the visit of the Embassy was to meet the Kazakh students who are currently studying at RAI ...

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RAI congratulates all teaching staff and thanks everybody for the input into society development!

We wish our lecturers great success in teaching the future specialists which will be in demand on the market, talented students and the best professional results!

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The administrative and methodological meeting is an important annual event with participation of all stuff of the institute, lecturers and members of the student government, which contributes to the development and improvement of the further successful work of RAI in the education, academic and scientific spheres.
On 9th of September Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) convened an annual administrative and methodological meeting for management, teaching staff, administration and members of the student government.
An annual administrative and methodological meeting was opened by External Relations Director, A. Venckava.
The Chairman of the Convent and Senior Vice President, M. Karols, summarized the academic, administrative and financial results of the academic year 2021/22. Plans for the development and work of the institute for 2022/23 year were approved during the meeting ...

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Today, on the 6th of September, the opening of the new 2022/2023 academic year took place in a solemn atmosphere. At the opening ceremony, a solemn speech was made by Rector Anatoly Melnis, Vice-President Marina Romele, Vice-Rector Konstantin Savenkov and Director of Mechanics Programs Vladimir Reiskart.
The students were also congratulated by RAI Master's graduate Dixon Dijo.
During the ceremony, the best senior students of the Riga Institute of Aeronautical Navigation were awarded certificates of honor and gifts ...

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An interview with our student Mikhail Baraulya about his experience in Pelican Flight Training School.
We’re glad that your dreams are coming true, together with RAI & Pelican!

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We sincerely congratulate our students and lecturers on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year 2022/2023!
We wish successful study and work, high achievements and prosperity

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An interview with RAI Master’s degree graduate Farkhod Giyasov.
Let your dreams are coming true, together with RAI.

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Our student Gleb Simonenko has made the first steps towards his pilot license.
We congratulate Gleb with his first flight! We wish all your flights to be safe and exciting!

We’re glad that your dreams are coming true, together with RAI & Pelican!

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