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On the 13th of November at 14.45 RAI will conduct informative and organization meeting for the pilot students in the classroom 312B. The topics to be discussed will include the process of obtaining Flight Crew License, visa procedures, linguistic aspects and any other issues which may be of interest to the participants.
We invite to attend RAI pilot students, lecturers and administrative staff involved and any other interested external people outside RAI.

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On the 22nd of October RAI conducted a practical workshop for instructors and administrative personnel of ATS TO which is a training organization for air traffic controllers. The main objective of the workshop was to provide the information exchange between the workshop participants in order to increase the quality of professional training in the frame of ATS TO.
The workshop started with an opening speech of the Accountable Manager, Michail Karol, and presentation about current and planned activities, made by the Head of Training, Remigijus Bushinsks. Other presentations were dedicated to compliance with requirements of Regulation (EU) 2015/340, quality and safety management systems and connection between professional training and academic education in RAI.
All the participants of the workshop will be awarded with appropriate certificates.

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From 23.09.19 to 25.09.19 in the frame of ERASMUS + program the employees of Riga Aeronautical Institute had an opportunity to conduct a familiriazation visit and read a course of lectures at one of the Lithuanian partner universities, Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University. The group consisted of Mg. Oec. Konstantin Savenkov (Director of the program "Transport Services"), Irina Sokolova (Head of the Study Department) and Dr.sc.ing. Vjacheslav Orekhov (Head of the laboratory).
Our employees got acquainted with study process and facilities of the Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University. К. Savenkov conducted a two-hour lecture in the English language in the sphere of economics. The title of lecture was "National ...

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On the 24th of July this year the Study Quality Commission has reviewed the RAI application regarding the right to conduct the study programs in the English language. Based on the evaluation of experts and in accordance with their recommendations the Commission took a unanimous decision to grant the right mentioned above.
Based on the Commission’s decision RAI was provided with the new accrediation certificates for the following directions of study:
- Mechanics and metal working, heat power industry, heat engineering and mechanical engineering
- Transport Services
- Information technology, computer engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer management and computer science

In accordance with these accreditation certificates starting with the 1st of Septemeber 2019 RAI has the right to conduct the study programs in the English language.

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RAI Librarian, Ilona Gezha, has attended an educational program at the Latvian National Library "Print and Digital Resources Management in the Library". The program was conducted in the frame of the European Social Fund project "Development of professional competence of employed persons". The participation in the program by our librarian will help us to improve and upgrade the management procedures in RAI library.

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We congradulate our student, Valery Dziemidov, with successful completion of initial ATC training course.
On the 10th of June 2019 Valery was awarded two certificates confirming the completion of Basic ATC Training Course and Rating ATC Training Course (Approach Control Surveillance Rating with Terminal Control Endorsement).
Administration and instructors wish to our graduate successful career in the sphere of civil aviation and high level of flight safety!

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On the 18th of May Riga Aeronautical Institute convened organisational and methodical meeting of Latgale branch. The agenda of the meeting included meeting with employers, test and exam session and open door day for the candidates planning to enroll.
Our graduate Ilya Nivskiy ("Novikontas" College), captain and maritime safety instructor, presented a report "Requirements of transportation companies regarding knowledge and qualification of the graduates". In his report he pointed out key features necessary for future specialists, namely, proactive thinking, human factor importance, CEO ethics. It was also noted that higher education is developing constructive and systematic thinking of the future specialist which he will need in his everyday work ...

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On the 7th of May we have convened the final training session of the course "Profession of today". During the course participants noted the possibilities of RAI studios, also visited the airport "Riga". Upon the completion of the course each of the participants received a certificate which gives the advantages for the enrollment in RAI.

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On the 22th of March the graduates of the programs:
were awarded their diplomas in the RAI conference hall. We sincerely congratulate our bachelors with completion of their studies and wish them success in their careers!

View, download photos.

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In the period from February 18 to February 21, Azat Bekturov, General Director of the “Kazaeronavigation” visited the flight school “Pelican Flight Training”. During the visit, Azat Bekturov had the opportunity to familiarize himself in detail with the students' flight practice procedures, the newest training equipment and other important elements of the training process. Representatives of the school demonstrated the aircraft and helicopter fleet as well as hangars used for the preparation and training of aviation specialists. RAI expresses its appreciation and gratitude to the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" for visiting our branch.

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