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Dear RAI students, lecturers and employees!

From the 15th of November to the 17th of November, 2021, Riga Aeronautical Institute continues to work remotely and the entire study process will take place in online environment using the RAI Moodle system.

From the 22nd of November, 2021 Riga Aeronautical Institute renews the full time studies in the "green" safe zone.

A visit to the Institute, full-time studies and related services will be available only to the owners of the valid "COVID-19 certificate".

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We are looking for the instructor to train the aviation mechanics.

Because of the new training project implementation in Riga Aeronautical Institute we are looking for the instructors capable to conduc Type Training for Boeing-737- 300/400/500 for aviation mechanics.

Initial requirements:
1. Experience of work with B.1 license for the type of aircraft Boeing-737- 300/400/500.
2. Experience of work with B.2 license for the type of aircraft Boeing-737- 300/400/500.

It is possible to work part-time and have flexible working hours.
For more detailed information, please, contact 29571773 or send an e-mail to m.romele@rai.lv

Dear students and lecturers!

Due to the Republic of Latvia order No. 720 "Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation" with purpose to limit distribution of COVID – 19, from October 20th to November 14th, 2021 Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) will organize studying process in the Moodle environment.

Work of employees of institute is organized remotely, services for students are accessible also remotely.

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Dear students,
due to the emergency situation in the country, from 21st of October to 14th of November, 2021, the entire study process will take place in online environment using the RAI Moodle system
Online Lectures - Teacher - "BigBlueButton" button

Thank you for understanding!
Stay safe and healthy!
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Happy International ATCO (International Day of the Air Traffic Controller) Day!

Every day and every minute, thousands of Air Traffic Controllers around the world are working to make sure that all aircrafts have reached their destinations safely and efficiently. Safety in the sky is in the hands of these professionals on the ground.

We congratulate our graduates, students and Air Traffic Controllers worldwide!

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On the 7th of October Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) convened the Student initiation ceremony! Student initiation ceremony was conducted in a quest form, where participants not only answered questions about history and facts of RAI and solved different intellectual tasks, but also proved their creative abilities.
The atmosphere of the event was one of an easy strive and healthy competition.
We congratulate our 1st year students an honorary title STUDENT of RAI! ...

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On the eve of the International Teacher's Day, we talked with our alumni - teachers of RAI.

Mg. oec. Irina Davidovica RAI graduate, has been working as a teacher at RAI since 2019. Teaches subjects such as Transport Systems, Transport Business, Transport Forwarding, Transport Organization of Production, Philosophy and Sociology ...

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On the eve of the International Teacher's Day, we talked with our alumni - teachers of RAI.

Mg.oec. Ludmila Jefremova
A RAI graduate, has been working as a RAI teacher since 2019, teaches such subjects as Transport Business, Civil Protection, Organization of Customs Work, Protection of Nature and Man ...

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Dear RAI lecturers and teaching staff!

Warmest congratulations on the World Teachers' Day!

We wish our lecturers great success in teaching the future specialists which will be in demand on the market, talented students and the best professional results!

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On 28th of September Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) convened Student’s Self-Government elections. We would like to thank all RAI students who came and voted for their chosen candidate.
Congratulations to our new RAI Student’s Self-Government members! We wish new Student’s Self-Government team creative ideas and inexhaustible energy for new achievements.

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