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On the 18th of January, 2022, Riga Aeronautical Institute convened the 26th STUDENT SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “Aviation Engineering. Transport logistics and management”.

During the student scientific and practical conference, students acquainted the conference participants with the results of research in the sphere of electronic equipment maintenance and international transport organization, and also in aviation and air traffic control spheres.

We wish our students success in their future work and defending of their graduation theses!

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The winter exam session continues!

This week, Riga Aeronautical Institute has conducted the test for students in Module 2 Physics in accordance with EASA Part-66 Modules Cat. B1.

We wish good luck in obtaining the new knowledge and skills to all our students!

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Congratulations to our student, Azimjon Kozim Ugli Sobirov on completing his Private Pilot’s License in Pelican Flight Training School, Florida!

We wish all your flights to be safe and exciting, and we wish you professional growth!

We’re glad that your dreams are coming true, together with RAI & Pelican!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

May this wonderful time of Christmas and New Year fill your life with happiness and wealth!

Best wishes from Riga Aeronautical institute!

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Riga Aeronautical Institute has conducted a new accreditation phase and received the accreditation for the study direction "Electronics" for a maximum term of six years.
The accreditation has been received for the professional bachelor study program "Electronic equipment maintenance" in the frame of the study direction "Electronics".
This program allows obtaining a qualification of an electronics engineer with 2 specializations:
•The first specialization is called Electronic equipment maintenance;
•The second specialization is called Airport electronic equipment maintenance.
Positive accreditation decision about the study direction for six years is taken if there are no significant deficiencies regarding the quality and implementation of the study programs, and if there are no unsatisfactory assessments.
Accreditation term of study programs is till the 28th of October, 2027.
Riga Aeronautical Institute graduates get and will continue to get appropriate diplomas confirming the acquired professional higher education.

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An interview with our student Mikhail Baraulya.

Let your dreams are coming true, together with RAI.

We wish all your flights to be safe and exciting!

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Happy International Civil Aviation Day!

We congratulate our graduates, students and everyone related to aviation worldwide, thank you for your safe flight operations and devotion to profession!

We wish all your flights to be safe and successful!

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We are pleased to declare that Riga Aeronautical Institute is admitted to membership of LETERA.

Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association – LETERA was founded in 1995 to represent the interests of its members and promote the growth and popularization of the industry.
LETERA unites companies, research and educational institutions operating in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, optical equipment, information technology and telecommunications, defense equipment, aviation and space technology.

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Dear RAI students, lecturers and employees!

From the 15th of November to the 17th of November, 2021, Riga Aeronautical Institute continues to work remotely and the entire study process will take place in online environment using the RAI Moodle system.

From the 22nd of November, 2021 Riga Aeronautical Institute renews the full time studies in the "green" safe zone.

A visit to the Institute, full-time studies and related services will be available only to the owners of the valid "COVID-19 certificate".

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We are looking for the instructor to train the aviation mechanics.

Because of the new training project implementation in Riga Aeronautical Institute we are looking for the instructors capable to conduc Type Training for Boeing-737- 300/400/500 for aviation mechanics.

Initial requirements:
1. Experience of work with B.1 license for the type of aircraft Boeing-737- 300/400/500.
2. Experience of work with B.2 license for the type of aircraft Boeing-737- 300/400/500.

It is possible to work part-time and have flexible working hours.
For more detailed information, please, contact 29571773 or send an e-mail to m.romele@rai.lv